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  • Do you need a pin to latch it?
    The self-latching mechanism on the Spider Hitch is held down with two strong springs which prevents the receiver hitch from pulling away when towing. For added security users can keep the winch in retract mode to keep tension on the composite rope.
  • Is it safe to use it on hills?
    The winching feature is NOT to be used when there is any danger of a header or tank rolling towards the machine. Please observe all safety precautions when using a Spider Hitch.
  • What combines & headers is it compatible with?
    Tested combinations: · John Deere X9 1100 & 1000, Horst 4-Wheel-Steer transport trailer (CHCFX), John Deere HD50R · John Deere S series with 635D and integrated transport · Lexion 670, 760, 780, 8600, 8700, 8800 with MacDon FD1 & FD2 35’+ headers with integrated transport · Case 130 & 230 series combines with MacDon FD1 & FD2 35’+ headers with integrated transport Other combinations may be possible. Although mounting the Spider Hitch on these combines is possible we recommend ensuring that other compatibility restrictions are considered (combine towing capacity factory recommendations, how low the auger spout comes down, how far back the auger goes, turning clearance behind the combine, etc.) A wide selection of bolt hole patterns is available on the mounting plate of each Spider Hitch to make it "one-size-fits-all" as much as possible. Note: in all cases it is the operator's responsibility to ensure that auger spouts and the rear chopper are in the raised positions for transport and towing.
  • What is the towing capacity?
    The Warn winch is rated for a weight of 12,000 lbs of dead weight. Although some headers or tanks exceed this weight rating the assistance of the rolling of the wheels allows the winch to complete the job. Internal stress tests have been completed to determine that the overall towing capacity of the hitch once latched is 25,000 lbs.
  • What comes with the kit?
    Spider Hitch packages come with the winch and hitch assembly, dual purpose corded/wireless remote, various bolts for mounting, spacers and a male/female quick connect battery wire connector. Not included are any ball hitches, 2 gauge wire from the battery to the winch.
  • What is the protective coating and what is the colour of the hitch?
    Spider Hitches come in powder coated black. The powder coating makes for a smooth, crisp finish, and adds an additional layer of protection for longevity and durability.
  • Does it require the use of a fuse?
    Warn does not recommend using a fuse between the winch and the battery, as the winch can potentially draw over 400 amps. A 300 amp resettable circuit breaker has been used by some customers at their discretion.
  • Does the winch have a rope or a cable?
    The winch has an 85’ synthetic composite rope. To date no customer has reported any instances of knotting or any other issues related to the rope.
  • How hard is it to install?
    Mounting a Spider Hitch to a John Deere X9, Lexion, New Holland, or Case is easily done in a few minutes simply by lifting it up and installing the four appropriate supplied bolts and spacers. John Deere S series requires removing 4 bolts and replacing them with the longer ones provided off to the left side of the rear axle. After that the dealer or customer has to provide the 2 gauge wires and complete the connection between the battery and the winch cables.
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